Stability on input prices to provide comfort: Tata Steel

The stability to input prices for the capital-intensive steel sector will provide some comfort on this front and help the industry, Tata Steel said on Wednesday. "We wait for the details to come out. Obviously, when you have significant input cost, you want some sort of stability on input cost. 

"For the steel industry which is capital-intensive, it is good to have some comfort on the input cost.  It helps the industry," said steel producer's Managing Director (India and South East Asia) MD T.V Narendran told BTVi in an interview when asked to comment on the government considering capping the prices on iron ores for three months. He said the steel sector has been volatile and the steel maker is well-equipped to deal with it.

On the international steel markets, he said China has not been bad as one imagined and did grow last year. "We will certainly grow but the question is we wanted to build the business case first," he said to a query about undertaking domestic expansion.

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