Shareholders to elect four independent directors of SBI on June 15

Mention India, and the first thing Warren Buffett talks of is our IITians. In his first exclusive interview to an Indian TV channel shortly after a long session with the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway during its 53rd annual general meeting on May 6, Buffett recalled that Microsoft owner Bill Gates once told him that he would only hire engineers from an IIT. Gates, the world’s richest man, is also on the board of Berkshire.

The Oracle of Omaha has also been eyeing the Indian market keenly for opportunities. “India is a huge and enormous market for anyone to ignore,” says Buffett. He said he would surely come to India if he finds a good value company for sale. He was speaking to Tanvir Gill of ET Now. “The potential in India is incredible currently,” the ace investor said, adding that he was really amazed by the hospitality he received last time he visited India in 2011. Join us for recommendation on share market and to make more money trading go through our website from here link below and let us to know you more:


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