Sensex Down 1400 Points From Highs; Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid In A Falling Market

Indian stock market Tips
Mr. Market gave what everybody wished for so long, a good decline. You like it or not, it has come. Well, if you wished for a decline or a dip then everyone should love it. Right!

But, the way it has fallen – the fast and the furious way seems to be troubling for analyst community. It broke key support levels in just few trading session which left many chartists in a state of disbelief.

Well, the reasons could be many for such a correction to happen – geopolitical concerns, SEBI on shell companies, too much liquidity, high valuations etc. but a dwindling market does more damage to investor sentiment rather than anything else.

“Investor usually gets savvy towards such market condition which is directed by the psychological mind set rather than logical approach, which at later period causes a greater damage,” he said.

Indian stock market Tips

When the stock market falls like nine pins it does not mean that there are no stocks with attractive valuations available in the market. The moment one start, stop, pause its investments, one is trying to time the market.

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